Number Blocks Fun At Christmas TIme

Table of contents

Table of contents

If your child has received an AWARD WINNING Numberblocks set, here are some FREE activity sheets to add to the Fun and Learning !!

Numberblocks are the fun-loving friends who help young children see how numbers really work. Now Learning Resources brings the magic of on-screen maths learning with the Numberblocks to life with our range of innovative Numberblocks products that help children learn through play.

Our Numberblocks range is ideal for hands-on exploration and play-based maths learning in the classroom and at home. Schools can use Learning Resources’ Numberblocks products to support the National Curriculum for EYFS and KS1, and parents will find that the range offers fun maths educational toys for 3 year olds and up.

Children will find that as they learn to count, learn to add and subtract, and learn division and multiplication with the Numberblocks, they’re mastering maths the fun way. Try watching the episodes alongside as children play and learn – double the Numberblocks fun!

Building Blocks

Stampoline Fun

Numberblocks at Christmast Time

Ten Again

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