GeoSafari JR Dino Discovery Dig - Triceratops


Dig and Learn

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Dig into prehistoric learning fun with the Geosafari® Jr. Dino Discovery Dig Triceratops excavator toy kit.

Find the surprises hidden inside the reusable dino dirt! Excavate the Triceratops skeleton, find the hidden gem, and learn fun facts about dinosaurs.

Assemble the mini skeleton model, and then squish, squash, and sculpt the reusable dino dirt into the fossil moulds for hours of creative play fun.

The dino dirt never dries out, so the squishing fun never ends! When playtime is over, store the dino dirt in the volcano mountain case.

Squishing, squashing, and shaping the dino dirt helps build fine motor skills, and the dino dirt texture is ideal for sensory play.

The mountain measures 12cm H x 13cm W.

Suitable For Ages 4-8 years