Rolling 4 Fun Toy

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Numbers on the Outside Track Help Follow Progress and Teach number Recognition Blowing the Ball is a Good way to Develop a Children's Oral Muscles Keep Eyes on the Moving Ball Enhances Visual Tracking and Concentration Movement of Arms and Wrists help with Upper Limb Flexibility Great for all kids, even children with special needs

Rolling 4 Fun is a toy created to help children with oral-muscle issues. By creating a toy that can be used by blowing the ball around any of the 3 exterior paths. Each path can also be followed by using hands on the edges. Each Rolling 4 Fun comes with a slow and a fast ball to allow the toy to continue to challenge the user. Make the small ball roll along the tracks with four different routes to create more fun and options. The four different ways of playing and functions offer finger and arm exercise to enhance children's motor skills from arms to fingers.