Chew Chubes Pendant

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  • NO-NONSENSE! - Finally, jewellery that is chewable. High quality, non-toxic 100% medical grade silicone. Naturally odourless so no chemical smell. Easily cleaned with hot water or steriliser. Dishwasher safe.
  • FANTASTIC FOR STRESS RELIEF, REDUCING ANXIETY AND CALMING - A single Chube to aid oral stimulation. Perfect for chewing and makes a good Buddy tool. 3 spare cords which can be used as replacements or added to the cord to change the look.
  • A FRESH APPROACH - Cool and trendy design. Can be threaded onto hoody ties (hoody cord dependant). Does not look like a disability aid and discreetly serves persons need to chew. A buddy for children and adults available in a range of strengths. This necklace is for mild to moderate chewers, suitable for special needs and downs syndrome.