Melissa and Doug - Scoop and Stack Ice Cream playset

MD 14087
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Help your children learn patterns, sorting, motor skills, and beginning math with Melissa & Doug's Ice Cream Scoop Set.

Designed to look like real scoops of ice cream, this play set lets your child pick up and stack four different "flavors" of ice cream onto wooden cones. The Ice Cream Scoop Set is great for imaginative playtime using your favourite dessert. The detailed scoops of ice cream in Melissa & Doug's Ice Cream Scoop Set come in four varieties: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip.

Each scoop contains a magnet that attaches to the scooper handle--and then detaches when the handle's button is pressed--so your child can pick up and stack ice cream just like an adult!

Age 3+

The final clue for the treasure hunt is the letter S. This forms part of the 7 letter word

MD 14087

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