Melissa and Doug - Wooden Doll Family

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The beautifully made play people feature wrapped wire limbs, so they can be moved and manipulated into different positions: Sit them down for a family meal, stand them up to go for a walk, or even pose them mid-kick for a football game! The movable pieces encourage children to imagine the people in lots of different settings and scenarios, and add another aspect to this wonderfully open-ended play set. The play figures are perfectly sized to fit in all Melissa & Doug dollhouses--and in any 1:12 scale dollhouses and play sets. Their compact size makes them a great fit for little hands, too: Children can easily pick up one or more and maneuver it through a play setting, thanks to their light weight, soft feel, and sturdy limbs. And the playful, colourful styling of the faces, hair, and outfits makes for an inviting, accessible, non-fussy feel that fits in anywhere.

Nurtures social, emotional, and communication skills.

When children have difficulty articulating feelings about new challenges or changes in their lives, role play can be an invaluable way to express emotions or point of view. This family set, including characters common in many families, gives children the tools they need to act out their feelings and ideas. Even when there is no particular stress to work through, role play using familiar characters can give caregivers an amazing insight into what a child perceives and values, and can help children practice social interactions in a playful setting--a great way to try out different scenarios in a non-threatening way, so children can approach real-life interactions with greater confidence and ease. Suitable For Ages 3+

MD 12464

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