Rainbow Fraction Measuring Spoons


These colourful, food-safe measuring spoons are ideal for learning about fractions and measurements in the classroom or at home through hands-on activities. Spoons nest together for easy storage.

Age 3 years

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Explore volume, capacity, and fractional relationships in the classroom or at home with Rainbow Fraction Liquid Measuring Spoons.

These measuring spoons are colour-coded to match the Rainbow Fraction System maths teaching resources so children can connect these mathematical concepts as they play and learn.

The spoons are food safe, dishwasher safe, and have comfy, easy-grip handles.

The bowls of each spoon have a unique shape that represents the fractions (whole, half, third, and quarter) and makes it easy for children to spot the correct spoon.

The stem of each spoon has a magnet, which keeps the spoons together.

Use these measuring spoons with the Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups (sold separately).

Longest spoon (whole) measures 15.5cm L.