Hot Dots Maths Multiplication Cards

Tax included

  • Self-checking practice activities children master on their own
  • Covers multiplication facts 0-9
  • Includes 50 double sided cards in plastic storage case
  • Requires Learning Resources Hot Dots Pen (available separately)
  • Compatible with all Learning Resources Hot Dots Pens

Product Description

Learning Resources Hot Dots Maths Multiplication Practice Cards. This set provides self-checking practice activities children master on their own! Young learners simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot Dot and the Talking Hot Dots Pen responds instantly with a green light and positive sounds. Incorrect answers receive a red light and gentle wrong sound or phrase. Set covers multiplication facts 0-9 and includes 50 double sided cards conveniently stored in a plastic storage case. Requires Learning Resources Talking Hot Dots pen (available separately). Suitable for ages 5+