Jixelz 1500 pc Set - Under The Sea

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A CLEVERLY CREATIVE TWIST on classic puzzle fun! Let big ideas shine with these tiny puzzle pieces! 1500 PRECISION-CUT MINI JIGSAW PIECES; follow instructions to build fun designs, or invent your own! PERFECT FOR ALL AGES 6 YEARS AND UP; high quality plastic; pieces hold together, no ironing needed! CHALLENGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS, spatial reasoning, planning; encourages creativity, critical thinking INCLUDES 1500 JIXELZ PIECES; build a starfish, sea turtle, dolphin, and submarine, or a giant fish

Each set comes with 1500 vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the templates to transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into either four mini designs or one GIANT design. Or, get creative and invent your own unique design!