Fisher-Price Rhythm ‘n Roll Hedgehog

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  • Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog Toy

Hop, jump and roll into active learning fun with the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog. This little buddy packs a ton of learning fun into his round little body to get pre-schoolers thinking. From spelling simple words and rhyming to turn-taking and paying attention, the Hedgehog's fun & active games cover so many important skills that can help little ones prepare for school. Shake it, roll it, throw it around - there are so many fun ways to make Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog speak & play tunes  And it has all sorts of rewarding responses to encourage you to keep moving. There are two unique play modes to keep kids engaged. In Alphabet Actions, pre-schoolers can take their ABCs to the next level by learning to spell simple words while busting a move - J. Jump. J, U, M, P They'll also practice following directions and taking turns while giving their memory and attention skills a boost. With Musical Motions, kids will roll, shake & throw Hedgehog in fun patterns, practicing their memorizing skills and creating cool tunes. Follow my pattern. Throw, Shake, Throw, Shake, Throw, Shake  They'll also get to rock out to a variety of different musical styles, from cool hip hop beats to jazzy tunes and add fun instrumental sound effects by moving the musical Hedgehog and with exciting learning games like Rhyme Time, Patterns to the Beat, Rock & Roll Hot Potato, & more, your little one won't want to stop moving & learning with the Rhythm 'n Roll Hedgehog.


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