Dottie The Fine Motor Cow

Dottie and her colourful dots are ready for toddler and preschool fine motor fun! When young children play with Dottie’s pull-out, push-in dots, they build essential preschool fine motor skills including hand strength, the pincer grasp, and hand-eye co-ordination. This fidget popper cow toy for toddlers has 5 colourful, tactile dots, and will keep little hands busy and learning.

LER 9109
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Meet Dottie! This colourful fidget popper cow toy is ready to help your child build essential preschool skills through hands-on activities.

Dottie has 5 colourful, tactile, push-in, pull-out dots that will keep little hands busy and learning.

As young children play with Dottie, they build hand-eye coordination, the pincer grasp, whole hand strength, wrist rotation, and more key fine motor skills.

Dottie offers 3 more ways to learn through play – use Dottie to reinforce learning about colours, shapes, and numbers.

The all-on-one construction means no pieces to lose, and Dottie is easy to wipe clean and store after playtime is done.

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LER 9109

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