We have all heard the quote “Play is the highest form of research” , but do we really understand its true meaning ?

After working with children as a therapist for over 20 years (yes the years do fly by!!!!) it is very evident that a child reaches their milestones by exploring,discovering and interacting with their surroundings. It is through play that a child is able to develop cognitively (the way the brain thinks and reasons) and physically. Through play the child’s senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste can be stimulated and developed. AND so yes play is definitely the highest form of research.

Life as we know it today, has changed greatly in more ways than one. In this hustle and hurry world that we live in, we as parents are struggling to find a life-work balance, interaction with screen devices is on the increase even from a very young age and unfortunately without even realizing it little time is left for play as we 'knew it'. Researchers and therapists are noticing delays in social and language development as well as gross motor and fine motor skills in children who spend excessive time on screen devices. It is therefore important to try and find the balance between the plugged and unplugged world.

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Our Mission at Edu Romp is to be able to provide our community with toys that have great play value and that keep our kids entertained  and engaged as we believe that children learn and understand certain concepts more when they learn through play. At EduRomp we will be providing our clients with  high quality products and resources which are suitable for teachers, therapists and children of all varying abilities. Moreover, nurseries, schools and therapy centres will be find a range of classroom furniture, soft play and more to suit their needs.

This Blog is primarily being set up so that we can share our ideas on learning through play and to provide useful information and advice to all our customers. We would love to read about your ideas and experiences too, so we hope that you would join us on this journey !!

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